What to wear to the interview is a question most men, especially young professionals, sometimes get confused about. While there is some debate about what is appropriate dress attire for interviews, there are a few key points that hold true for almost any situation.

Why Consciously Dressing for The Role Is Important

  • Having one outfit set aside for interviews is frankly passé. You are losing out on an opportunity to better fit the culture of the company and to express yourself through your outfit.
  • What you wear to the interview is your very first impression and can set a precedent for the interview to follow.
  • The goal is to dress in a way so that the interviewer can visualize you in the role you’re applying for, bringing you one step closer to the job.

Casual Polo vs. Suiting Up

  • How do you determine what to wear to the interview? Simple, you ask! With the dangers of underdressing to an interview, don’t risk taking a chance. Just ask.
  • However, if asking seems a bit awkward, you can always check the social pages of the company. Today, everyone is on social media, even companies. Look through their pages and take note of what employees are wearing around the office. Take that information into account when deciding whether to suit up or not.
  • Always dress up a bit. If you ask and they say jeans are fine, wear khakis. Dressing up a little more than what’s expect is always a good idea. Dress to impress!

The Details Make the Biggest Statements

  • How do you stand out in your interview attire? The details.
  • Planning your outfit and pressing it beforehand will make you seem more prepared to the interviewer. Not to mention, help you get to the interview on time.
  • Wearing a nice watch, a pocket square, or your favorite pair of oxfords lets you present a bit of your own style without saying a single word.
  • The details of your outfit show the interviewer that you put time, effort and consideration into your dress, setting the stage for you to blow them away with your résumé.

Dressing appropriately could mean the difference between getting the job or not. So, put a bit of your style into your outfit for the next interview, and secure that job!

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