The 10 Coworkers from Hell

“Do You Work with Any of These People?”

With the help of EWP insiders, we came up with a list of the types of rude coworkers we work with. Yes, the work tag is all about being professional and getting the job done…but sometimes all you can do is laugh at the situations that happen at work! Check out the list below. Do you work with any of these people??
1)     Sneezy- the person who is always sick and NEVER covers their mouth when they cough

2)     Nosey- the person who makes a shady comment about a new purchase (car, house etc..) to try and figure out your salary. MIND YA BUSINESS!

3)     The “you really don’t know how to do this elementary level function in Word, Outlook, Excel, etc”? If I need to help you figure out how to CC someone on an email or copy and paste in Word, you don’t need to be here.

4)     People who ask questions Google can answer.

5)     The person who assumes you’re listening even when you have headphones on. You can keep talking if you want…

6)     The Oversharer- of personal stories, picked over food or body odors. Keep it to yourself please and thank you J

7)     The “can you please take two steps back” personal space invader

8)     The “did you read my email” people. Um no but when I do, you’ll be the first to know. Seriously, it’s like a real life read reciept.

9)     The backstabber who throws you under the bus in a heartbeat. Save every email,  trust me

10)  Last but not least, people who comple—finish your sentences? Yea, that’s annoying

What types of people do you work with? Share in the comments below.

Christine E (Website: Queen in the Queen City)

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