Tips to remember for a successful Skype Interview

Skype Interview Tips

Congratulations you got a job interview! But wait, is that a skype link? Is this job interview virtual?

Don’t initiate panic mode just because your next job interview is through the little camera on your laptop. Skype interviews or other virtual interviews are becoming more and more common these days. Interviews via webcam don’t have to be awkward or intimidating if you know how to act in front of a camera.  Here is a quick video and a few tips to help make sure your next skype interview is a successful one!

Here are some quick points in addition to the video:

This is an interview so dress appropriately.

Yes, when interviewing with a hiring manager it is important to look your best. Even though in a video interview most hiring managers will only see the candidate from the chest up, it is still important not to wear your pajama pants.  Also try to wear solid colors and avoid patterns, especially thin stripes as it could appear distorted on the hiring manager’s screen and be distracting. Dressing to the nines boosts confidence no matter the situation.

Declutter the background.

Pictures or posters on the wall behind you may be fine if your are Skyping a friend, but when it comes to hiring managers or potential employers objects in the background can be distracting. Take time before the interview to prepare the space around you. Making sure everything is clean and that there are no potential distractions or items that could turn away the hiring manager. When you select the place to be used try taking a quick video in the outfit you plan to wear and see what it looks like – chances are what you see is what the hiring manager will see.

Look into the camera and not at yourself.

This is probably the hardest thing to do. However, think of this as eye contact in a face-to-face interview. Making eye contact with the hiring manager portrays confidence and professionalism and the same goes for virtual interviews. Constantly looking at your screen will make you appear shy and timid.

Make sure you will have no interruptions.

If you live family or roommates of any kind, let them know that you will be having a very serious meeting and that you need absolute privacy during the time of the interview. Lock the door to the room if necessary, and have your significant other take the baby for a stroll. Having interruptions during the video is unprofessional and may distract the hiring manager.

Good Posture.

It is easy to be very comfortable in an interview that is possibly taking place in your home and in your favorite chair but straighten up! Slouching and informal posture is easy to do and easy to be interpreted negatively by the hiring manager. Sit up straight, lean slightly forward, and look directly at the camera.


Skype meetings should be treated with the same amount of preparation and attention as an in-person interview. Research the hiring manager, the company history, the job description, and review your own history to ensure you will be able to have a productive discussion with the interviewer. In short, prepare yourself the same way you normally would and simply appreciate the short drive!

The bottom line is not to be nervous about virtual meetings. Interviews of this nature are becoming more common and you need to feel comfortable with them. By taking a few steps to prepare for the digital meeting, skype interviews can actually be fun. Just remember the tips listed above and get the job!

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